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Herr Fritzl and his cellar: by far the craziest sh!t I have ever heard of …

July 27, 2017

// __ The Secrets of the Austrian Cellar
The rationalization of Herr Fritzl story is that his mother abused him. Psychology is like voo-doo, I am amazed that people respect such bullsh!tters. To me they are like “mentocrats”. Politicians of the mind.

Something I “learned” in the U.S. is that people who were “abused” as children abuse other people as adults. In Latin America and the Caribbean kids get spanked regularly mostly by their mothers when they misbehave, but you don’t see them becoming more or less abusive as adults than in any other country. In countries like Korea teachers were allowed to spank even teens in classes to discipline them!

My own mother was quite violent and emotionally so. She would spank me and my siblings and then try to hide her own pain and tears from us. The most annoying part about her spankings was the long and even “deductively axiomatic” explanations about why she would spank me. At times I just wanted to get spank without explanatory introductions ;-)

But she was never abusive or morally base in any way. She did abuse me in the right ways ;-): making me take communion classes in the Cuba of the 60’s Sunday mornings, exactly at the time I wanted to play baseball with my friends (even though she was more of a leftist because “she didn’t trust this thing about politicians telling people what and how to think”). She told me that I was also annoying like I demanded explanations about everything I knew of and how I was not easy to convince

Yet her spankings were no match to how “difficult” I was as a kid even when I was a little boy (doing potentially fatal things like swimming in the open ocean (other kids had died), constantly cutting out of elementary school, coming back home after midnight …)