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July 23, 2011

General Educational Development (or GED) tests are a group of five subject tests administered in English, Spanish and French in the US and Canada, to students who haven’t earned a high school diploma. A passing grade in all tests certify a comprehensive equivalency of high school-level academic skills. The awarded diploma does not specify your grade, the reason why you opted to take the GED venue, or the language in which you took the test.

  1. Mathematics:
      Test content:

    • 20-30%: Number, Number Sense & Operations
    • 20-30%: Measurement & Geometry
    • 20-30%: Data, Statistics and Probability
    • 20-30%: Algebra, Functions and Patterns
    1. Part I: 25 questions, 45 minutes (a Casio fx260 scientific calculator is provided)
    2. Part II: 25 questions, 45 minutes (no calculating devices allowed)
  2. Science: (50 questions, 80 minutes)
      Test content:

    • 45%: Life Science
    • 35%: Physical Science
    • 20%: Earth and Space Science
  3. Language Arts: Reading (40 questions, 65 minutes)
      Test content:

    • 75% Literary Text
    • 25% Nonfiction Prose
  4. Language Arts: Writing
    1. Part I: (50 questions, 75 minutes)
        Test content:

      • 30% Sentence Structure
      • 30% Usage
      • 25% Mechanics
      • 15% Organization
    2. Part II: (Write a essay on a given topic, 45 minutes)
  5. Social studies: (50 questions, 70 minutes)
      Test content:

    • 25%: U.S. History
    • 25%: Civics & Government
    • 20%: Economics
    • 15%: Geography
    • 15%: World History

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