modern dance: mind-body link with Judith Sánchez Ruíz and Elio Villafranca

Judith Sánchez Ruíz
Dancer/Choreographer: Judith Sánchez Ruíz (

“My art comes from a busy mind. It is a dance full of subtext and images, poems that deliver themselves through my body. I dance with my organs to understand who I am. While I love improvisation as a medium to express the content of a fresh and spontaneous art, I pursue a choreography that deals with the radical transformation of qualities and textures in relation with body architectures and geometrical shapes. My works juxtapose technically demanding choreography with open space of improvisation”. –Interview for Dance Magazine with Emily Macel

“Ms. Sánchez Ruíz's beauty, which shifts from incandescent to ferocious, is unmatched”. —The New York Times

“The Only Personal thing I do” By Judith Sanchez Ruiz. (Excerpt): (

Judith Sanchez Ruiz at Henry Threadgill’s concert / Jazz Gallery, 2008: (

Elio Villafranca

Music/Sound Effects:
Elio Villafranca

Jazz Times Magazine: On The Source in Between pianist Elio Villafranca attempts to fuse venturesome postbop and classic Latin jazz. Its real ambition, however, is rhythmic … (full article)

Irish Times – Performance review by Siobhan Long: Elio Villafranca mines an altogether more dispassionate and propulsive seam, where his Cuban roots ground his sizzling quartet. Relish their release into the more turbulent waters of American jazz as soon as the lights go down … (full article)

The Latin Jazz Corner – Review of “The Source in Between”: Cuban pianist Elio Villafranca explores the connections between culture and style on The Source In Between, a collection of several strongly constructed Villafranca originals …
(full article)


playwright/poet: Camilo López


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