Poems in English

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  • lies … (1 poem 2018/04/04 revision 90)

    $ date
    Wed Apr 4 11:44:28 EDT 2018

    $ ls -l 20180404_lies180.*
    -rw-r--r-- 1 debian debian 77558 Apr 4 11:51 20180404_lies180.odt
    -rw-r--r-- 1 debian debian 52261 Apr 4 11:52 20180404_lies180.pdf

    $ md5sum -b 20180404_lies180.*
    67614d157fc4819555e53ea7c2784330 *20180404_lies180.odt
    cdf452ef8714cb455ef4e2dd660e65f5 *20180404_lies180.pdf

In order to finish that poem, I need the equivalent of saying “Marys and Johns” (instead of “Johns and Marys”) written in Arabic + which should be also understandable in Hebrew … (here is the full spec)

poemas e letras em Português


One Response to “Poems in English”

  1. hsymbolicus Says:

    Polaris and Sigma Octantis would lead to one another. Lies will forget time for mirrors’ mirrors.

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